lunch in the sun

nibbles are served

Hooray, the sun’s out!

It’s only February but as the blossom arrives, the mimosa is in full bloom and the sun creeps back into view, it’s time to enjoy some cheeky aperitifs outside with friends!

Sunday was one of those days… we gathered at our friends’ winery, Chateau de Gourgazaud, each of us bringing a plate or two, a bottle or two and enjoyed the afternoon outside sharing each other’s company and produce!  After gobbling down their required ‘feed’, the kids ran out of view, ducking back only for dessert, while we adults slowly peeled off layers of jackets and scarves and toasted the Spring days ahead and many more good vintages the come!

As the lovely ladies were nattering and preparing platters in the kitchen (I even donned my apron) and the men already outside hovering, glasses in hand around the bbq (mmn, some things never change), we enjoyed a fresh and vibrant Gourgazaud Chardonnay-Viognier 2009  with our nibbles.  Great way to start the meal…  The zesty white was a great match for the crispy courgette wedges dipped in garlic mayo (see recipe below) and the mouth-watering foie gras cooked mi-cuit’ style (it’s a semi-cooked pate, made from specially-fattened livers of geese.  Don’t ask…).

Out came B’s Chateau Maris Old Vine Syrah 2008.  Nothing like a smooth, full and fruity La Liviniere red with bbq’d meats!  It’s not an old bottle, but already has the qualities of a delicious drop that’s all too-easily drunk!  Me: ‘How would you describe this red then?’ B: ‘Bloody amazing!’.   This one was quickly guzzled down as a magnum of Gourgazaud’s Reserve 1996 arrived.  Round and lovely to get the chance to taste a wine with quite a few more years behind it.  It’s not often that we can leave them alone for that long, so much appreciated guys!

We’re looking forward to the next gathering!…