grrrrrrrrrrrrr computer!

no this is not a promotion, it's a test photo!!

There should be TEARS on this keyboard!

A quiet afternoon in.  The first quiet afternoon in weeks, as we’ve had a run of visitors this summer and lots of wine tastings, dinners, lunches and a trip to London even.  So I thought it was about time to catch up on things. 

I had photos from all sources: my old camera went on the blink a couple of months ago and I’ve been begging and borrowing cameras and phones from all parts.  Then it was my birthday last month and I was treated to a new one (it was a ‘big’ birthday I’ll admit).

So anyway, here I was full of shots to download, ready and keen at the keyboard and then things started going WRONG!

To cut a whole (RRRRrrrrrrrrrr) afternoon’s story short:  internet forums and friends on the phone come in handy!!!   It’s amazing how much you learn when you stuff up (and isn’t it great when you re-experience the relevance of a cliche!! ).  

So what you see above isn’t a quickie promotion for a brand , but  my test picture to help try and retrieve, amongst other problems, my ‘lost’ photos during a hugely sweaty and stressy experience. So sorry for the plug –  it just seemed appropriate to expose the culprit of my afternoon’s angst.

Back soon with an enlightened me.

….pssst, anybody there?

Well, it has been a while since my last post!?!!

School holidays, in-laws staying (more kitchen tips for me), birthdays, business dinners and tastings, Carnaval, unearthing village treasures.  The time just goes!?!  I’ve so many photos in my camera, it’s starting to belch from indigestion.

And the amount of wine bottles being ferried to the bottle bin… it’s embarrassing.  Though come to think of it, it always is.

Much to catch up on and share so please stay tuned!

spring has sprung!