Morning walk

“folle avoine” (wild oats) growing above one of the old dry stone walls on my walk this morning

Some views from my morning walk today.

It’s hit 30 degrees this afternoon – in the month of May!?! – so I’m glad we headed out at 9am when although it was already bright, the air ws cooler.  It’s going to be a hot one this week!

This heat has put all of nature into overdrive and the vineyards are accelerating very quickly – almost too quickly.  Moderate temperatures and cooler nights allow a slower and more steady maturation, with good acidity and flavours in the fruit and a harvest (‘les vendenges’) in September.   What you don’t want to be doing is picking two-three weeks early (here that’s August) after accelerated growth.  Let’s hope it cools down a little!

my husband's favourite flowers!
wild leek flowers
there’s a lot of wild camomille out right now

8 thoughts on “Morning walk

  • Love the flowers and the beautiful stone wall,oh to share your morning walk. Good luck with the vintage,these factors are what makes wine such a facinating and “moving feast”.Look fwd to tasting . The new family res is progressing albiet slowly, a bit like wine,we’re hoping it will mature with age.Love to all.

  • Hi Geraldine,

    Thanks for the lovely blog and pictures. It is great to get regular updates and pictures from France. I moved to London from Los Angeles a year ago with the hope of eventually ending up either full or part time somewhere in the South of France. Your blog provides a nice inspiration. And I fully enjoy the wines which I get from Naked Wines.



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