Our first apricots

our first apricots
apricots from our small tree

Mmmn, nothing like the flavour of the first fruits hand-picked from your own tree.

Lilas was thrilled to get out there and collect these three apricots herself (note boots for the summer heat) and they were delicious.

Since renting a house in Adelaide many years ago that had a huge apricot tree in the middle of the backyard, I’ve always dreamt of planting our own ‘abricotier’ (apricot tree).  We’d go down the back to feed the chooks and guinea fowl and pick a few ripe, sweet apricots on the way through.  What luxury.

Even though our tree is still small, the concentration of flavour was incredible.  And the ‘abricots’ went down very well with a chilled glass of Minervois muscat.

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