chicks with wheels in Adelaide

nice wheels

I was out walking near Mum and Dad’s and noticed this, admiring its impeccable condition – a well-loved machine with an Aussie flag pinned with pride.

I then noticed a guy, arms folded standing on the footpath,  also admiring it.

It made me laugh, the car’s position so far from the curb – so  typical.  These  things think they can get  away with anything.

And then the owner arrived and the guy and I shared a nice smile.

check it out!

2 thoughts on “chicks with wheels in Adelaide

  • As the Vignerons wife’s Mother’s gardener I am delighted to be able to peer over the fence at your life in Languedoc.
    I am very much enjoying your blog


    • Greeeeeg! (or I guess I should say Bogarde then). So great to hear from you and I’m sorry it has taken me THIS long to say it. I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying the VW (or was until I went AWOL) – and I hope this propels you to come and see us!!
      Take care and I hope Jan is treating you well. xoxo

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