not Zzzzing, Bzzzing


I feel like I’ve emerged from a big sleep.

But I haven’t been sleeping.

I haven’t been nodding off, I’ve been just temporarily out of action.

My mind though, has been in overdrive and whirring and whirring.  It’s been having a huge time, chock full of stuff – crap, weird stuff, joy, confusion, peace, weird stuff – buzzing like the beautiful bumblebees around me in the garden right now.


But as Spring gets into its step, I am starting too as well.  I can get up, get out, bloody well brushing off the dirt from the last scrape.  The mind is buzzing and ready to clear out the crap.

image from 'Old Tom's Holiday', by Leigh Hobbs,  ABC Books, 2002
felt something like this…

Just one of those little chunks of life that reminds you (again) that it’s good to have life (again).

Please don’t chuck.  I’m sorry for the harp music, the chubby little cherubs and the waffle – sounds like I’ve lost it (again), but I mean it.

And stuff it, they’re flying right above me now with the bumblebees.

22 thoughts on “not Zzzzing, Bzzzing

  • YOU HAVE EVERY RGHT TO HAVE BEEN IN THE HAZE!! Welcome back Katrina. J’ADORE VOTRE BLOG. Ros Eime (From a life time ago when you used to call into our showrooms Vogue and Grove Furn in your Combi!

  • Uncle Richard told me about your recent fall. Sounds dreadful! You poor thing. It is good to hear you are recovering. Keep well and take care. Liz x

  • Hi Kat,
    Glad to hear that you are emerging from your cocoon, about to take wing again!
    See, I too can be poetic and whimsical. Next time you venture out in the dark, please for everyone’s sake, including yours……wear a pair if snow skis, that way you will bridge the gaping hole beneath you!!!!!
    Have just returned yesterday from cruise, Hong Kong, through Vietnam to Singapore, had a ball.
    X Terri.

  • Enigmatic for those not in the know . I deduce you are back in the Midi , and am contriving a story to fit the known facts . “Such fun ” , as a British television character would say .

  • Hi Katrina I am enjoying your blog. I am a nurse looking after your mother,after many chats she passed on this blog site to me. I will be passing through your part of beautiful France in September. I would like it very much if I can catch up with you at this time. Please look after yourself. Regards Lyn

    • Hello Lyn!
      I wonder if we have met?
      Thanks for getting in touch with me – and a big thank you for all your help with Mum at Hampstead! You guys have been wonderful to Mum.
      It would be lovely to meet you here. Just get in touch with me closer to the date.

      All my best

  • hello beautiful
    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Have been thinking of you heaps and wanting to call. Take care my lovely. Really looking forward to seeing you in the summer. I need to rummage for your number and give you a call.
    all my love
    evonne xxx

  • Dear Kat, I think of you …
    Even if we do not see each other now it will be soon…
    You are amazing!
    lots of love

  • hello Kat – glad to hear your back writing your blog but sorry to hear you’ve had an accident ! Thank goodness for spring and the world feeling brighter. A year or two ago I came across your blog and have since enjoyed reading your France…reminds me of summers past. Keep recovering & keep writing…



  • Bonjour Kat!
    I am happy to find your site! Actually it was through Alistair Sawday’s Partner site Naked Wines that led me to you. I am an Irish woman living in Vinsobres… the Drome region….having come here to housesit from Hawaii 2 and half years ago (I have lived in the US for 30+ years) …and having been to France numerous times…..fell in love with Provence and decided to stay awhile! Oh to live the life of a Vignerons wife! lucky you….and if you know of any wonderful ones looking for a good fun woman…..;)

    So here I am in the middle of Cote du Rhone wine country and regardless…..with hundreds of wineries around….I am always looking for that special wine! Then when I saw about the very special AOP Minervois 2012 Benjamin Darnault on the Naked Wine site I thought…I must try this wine! But given I am only hours from you…..trying to find where to buy your wine….or visit your domaine/cave…..turned out to be fruitless ….after searching endless sites…..and all of yours… frustrating! The only way I find where you are is from a photo on your blog (which I read so much of!) about your visiting your local cemetery! I still cannot find where to buy Benji’s wonderful wine in France….or locally! Please help! and I look forward to your updates!

    • Hello Selinah!(I hope I have your name right?) Where to start to apologise for never having got back to you… Thank you for getting in touch, I truly appreciate your message and letting me know about where you are! I hope at this time you are still in France? I have spent the last few years offline with sudden family worries in Australia and was travelling between France and there to be with my mum and dad who were both at differing times not well. We lost my dear mum last year and I am ‘getting used’ (if you ever can) to life without her and watching over my dad like a hawk, but from far, which is tough for me. But he has visited us early this year and if all goes to plan, I have one of my brothers escorting him back here in the next month! Very happy.
      I hope you are well and once again I apologise you did not hear from me!!
      And to let you know some info rather late!?!: Benji’s Naked Wines range I am sorry to say, is only available in the UK or the US. He also makes a wine in La Liviniere called Chateau Maris and these however, are available in France : ). You might want to contact them via their website? (sorry we don’t handle the sales or have a cellar door).
      All my best to you! Kat

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