La Force

If you could register* all the events in life – the good, the bad, the memorable and the ones you are reluctant to remember…  You cherish them, are thankful for them, ignore them, fear them.  They make you what you are and hopefully, influence you to carry yourself forward, strong and determined to keep looking around the next corner.

“Life’s not a straight line,” I still hear Mamy (my French grandmother) saying to me, many years ago when I’d had my first taste of mortality, at a time I would prefer to forget.  I was sitting there at rock-bottom, listening to the words of this discreet and loving 87 year-old woman as she reeled off dark events in her life (nursing my baby for me, far physically stronger than me – my baby the beautiful being in this heavy time).  She spoke with dignity and humility. I’d had no idea of what she’d been through in her life – this petite, elegant woman who I already loved for how she observed people around her (I was doing a hell of a lot of that myself, not understanding or speaking the language of my new home), her conspiratorial grin and her willingness to accept me into the foreign family I’d suddenly landed myself in.  I looked upon her with new eyes.  She told me with certainty I would get through this time.  Mamy’s strength and empathy empowered me.  I thought, if she got through all of that, I can.

Many events have followed this conversation – and amidst the beautiful, there’s bloody well been a steady drum roll of tough ones for our family in the last few years.  But I understand the thread that runs through all of them, the good the bad, that collects me in its force and nurtures me.  It’s love. I sound bloody kitsch.  I don’t want to imply ‘lurve’, the cliched Hallmark cards or tits and arse ideas of lurve. I mean the big love. Love for and from the people in this life with me.  It empowers me, making me cherish today and determined to see tomorrow.

*I’ve been OCD-recording visual images on my Instagram feed, vigneronswife







6 thoughts on “La Force

  • With this all the way…! Love is (in the eponimous song) all around! Its near and far, but not as far as you think!

    The love of a parent for a child, (and the reciprocal love), is especially strong. Friendship love is something to be cherished. Our love to you all Mrs D.

  • I could not agree with you more. True Love conquers all and my wife Robyn and I have indeed been blessed with True Love. We had a really great run for 18 years, and then it all changed. Since 2009, our lives have been a series of Left Turns.
    We look forward to life and we see our options from all directions, and then, nope, now we are going to Turn Left, and suddenly our view of the future is now permanently changed. We adapt to that future, and then, another Left Turn. We adapt to the change, and then another Left Turn, etc, etc, etc.
    However, through it all, our mutual Love always carries us through. But we always know the old saying, “When one doors closes, another on opens”. And it is so true.
    It was shortly after my wife became disabled that I found and joined Naked Wines and began to truly learn to taste wine. Prior to that, I was only drinking wine. One thing led to another and now I am back in college doing a dual major in Viticulture and Enology. And, although I am new to the program, I have a solid 4.0 average. At this point I am making Aged Vintage Vinegar although that requires me to use other winemakers wines. All Naked Wines wines of course. However, I know that I need to learn to make my own wine to be true to the art. That will come in the future.
    Had the Left Turn that was handed to us not occur, I most likely would still be working in Tech and would not have seen the Winemaking Door due to my schedule.
    I have no idea which Left Turns are in store for us, but with the True Love that we have, we will always be able to endure.
    Here’s wishing you and yours the very best.
    And tell Benjamin that Archangel Doug Blasco says Hi.

    • Hello Doug! I have been truly touched by your and your wife’s experiences. What you have shared is beautiful and although I am feeling tears in my eyes I am also smiling, thinking of what you have together. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am sorry to hear what you have been through these past years, but I very much appreciate hearing about your love and power together with your wife. And you are learning to make wine! A massive Bravo to you! And you are the AA Doug of Benji too! I like that this world can be small : ) I will send your best to him for sure!
      Cheers back and my best to you and your wife,

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