Poppies and broom everywhere!

poppies in the Minervois
Poppies in the Minervois

While I’m on talking about wildflowers, I thought I’d share these pics of the poppies (‘coquelicots’) and broom (‘genets’), in full bloom here, that never fail to delight me.

The roads and vineyards are all lined with these these gorgeous flowers and their strong red and yellow tones.  And the smell of the broom  is just incredible!

I hadn’t really appreciated the season of Spring until now, living here in France.  The contrast of each season is quite dramatic and very different to my hometown of Adelaide. After the cold and harshness of winter (am I glad that we have central heating – something unheard of for me in Oz!) nature in Spring just bursts to life with colour and energy.   Even the locals seem to get excited and step up a notch in energy.

Maybe it’s also living in the countryside that allows me to appreciate all this magic and colour.

genet is one of my favourite smells in Spring
magnificent 'Genet' - Broom
poppies again
poppies growing amongst the dry stone walls
poppies lining the road to the next village
route to the neighbouring village with the Montagnes Noir behind
a capitelle in the MInervois
an old capitelle (stone hut)
poppies and sky
...and poppies
poppies along the road again
poppies and broom
poppies and wall... again!
poppies, vineyard
poppies in front of a wine cellar
a Minervois wine cellar
beautiful broom
beautiful broom

happy birthday auntie mil