Cheers, Sante, Bottoms Up …to Marieke Hardy

OK straight up.  I love drinking.

And I love this woman.

marieke hardy book

She likes drinking too –

“My illustrious career with the bottle began with the person my mother used to refer to somewhat hopefully as ‘your naughty friend’, Lisa Jenkins, implying that without Lisa’s influence I would probably have spent my downtime cross-stitching and nursing sick orphans”…  – Marieke Hardy, ‘You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead’

And she is so hellishly cheeky.   I loved this book.  It’s beautiful, funny, poignant, sexy, delirious, profound – and so, so WRONG.


Marieke Hardy at her book signing for "You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead", at Mosman Library on Monday 19 September (photo courtesy of the Mosman Library)
Marieke Hardy at a book signing for “You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead”, Mosman Library, N.S.W., Monday 19 September (photo courtesy of the Mosman Library)

What the Aussie girl drank

some of the wines drunk

And this isn’t all of them.

‘Oh you’re her father’s girl!’ people always said while I was growing up.    My dad grew up in a country town and was one of ten, 8 boys and 2 girls.  He and his brothers played a lot of footy, took a lot of girls to the local dances (he met Mum at around this time) – and the band of brothers learnt the ways of the bottle pretty early on.  There are many parts of me that are Dad and they’re not all liquid-related  – but let’s just say there’s a tradition to uphold and an annual trip back to Australia requires some catching up.   Thankfully I’ve acquired a bit of Mum in me too in the last few years, but hey, it is Summer and it is once a year.

So yes, I think I am still officially Dad’s girl.

My delicious journey’s list will follow!