alain gree egg

That’s pronounced ‘erff’, in case you wanted to know and is the French word for EGG!

I can’t connect the letters ‘o’ and ‘e’ on my keyboard, but normally they are attached and the French call this ‘o e colle’ – ‘glued’ – and it makes the sound of ‘er’ (don’t roll the ‘r’).

Enough of  my Very Basic French and onto this image of one very beautiful LARGE EGG!

egg in hand

Lilas (while we’re at it, you don’t say the ‘s’!) and I came home late last night from a school meeting and for a quick dinner popped her ‘lucky egg’ in the pan.

She’d met some chickens on the weekend and came home with an egg and was very excited to try it.

big fried egg!

It was delicious!! (even with the tomato sauce she’d added).

oeuf sur le plat
Et voila... Oeuf sur le plat