some sights #3 – images from the Minervois

a peak into this week in the Minervois!…

We’ve had a public holiday and lots of time for exploring and catching up with friends and family (the Frenchie side.  But I’m counting down the days to catching up with the Aussie one!).

a little door in la caunette
a petite door in La Caunette
the church in La Caunette
the church in La Caunette
ami 8 blue
a lovely Citroen… ‘Dyane’.  I thought it was an ‘Ami 8’, but I have been informed!  Thanks Vincent, where would I be without you to enlighten me!??…
le coq
un coq sur le rooftop

We had a visit from winemaking friends from Australia, Elva and Ron Laughton of Jasper Hill.  Benji showed them around the cellar in the village.  Thanks for the visit and the Roquefort guys…

Jasper Hill in La Liviniere
Jasper Hill in La Liviniere
driving into La Liviniere
driving into La Liviniere
morning shopping in the village
shopping in the village
les hommes le matin
morning baguettes all round
La Poste in Aigues-Vives
La Poste
old blocks at the 'vide-grenier' (the village garage sale)
old blocks at the ‘vide-grenier’ (the village garage sale)
chalk drawing in Felines
spied this colourful wall on the way to meet a friend in Felines
macarons from Toulouse
a delicious gift from my sister-in-law in Toulouse. I can’t believe, after all these years, it’s the first time I’ve ever tasted a macaron.
ami 8 red
encore! – another Citroen Dyane
un chasseur
Beware wild piggies, it’s hunting season again. Walks in the countryside don’t feel the same when your paths are littered with cartridges… 
The Abbaye de Tholomies winery down the road from our village
the abbey in Caunes
the Abbey in Caunes
the village of Minerve
inside Minerve's church
inside Minerve’s church