what the poker men drank…

no, he didn't win!?!!
up for grabs, but he didn't win!??!!!!

So no, he didn’t win.  Big shame as I was doing the food shopping the next day.  Ah, the trails of a housewife…

They got through a few bottles between them though!  Please note, that all comments on the wines however, are mine!  Even if I wasn’t playing, the wife does get to try the vino!

Here’s the damage:

Chateau Maris Rose 2010

Chateau Maris Rose 2010
There's no label, but this is the left-overs of this delicious Chateau Maris Rose 2010, made from 100% Cinsault (a grape that grows very well in our region, the Langedoc Roussillon). This grape variety is the fourth most planted in France!

Macon-Peronne en Chassigny 2008

Macon-Peronne en Chassigny 2008
Macon-Peronne en Chassigny 2008: nice to try this Burgandy, but I thought it was a bit flat. Sorry guys!

Chateau Maris ‘Continuite de Nature’ 2008

chateau maris carignan 2008
Chateau Maris 'Continuite de Nature' 2008: yes, you've seen this one before. One of our absolute faves at the moment and tasting well everytime.

Chateau Villerambert Julien Minervois Rouge 2004

Chateau Villerambert Julien 2004 Minervois
Chateau Villerambert Julien 2004 Minervois: a very old family winery dating back a few generations, in Caunes-Minervois, one of the most picturesque villages around here, known also very well for its 'Caunes marble' - a rich, deep pink/ochre colour streaked with white. I think this is a syrah/ grenache blend and was enjoyable but the wood a little too strong.

Chateau Maris ‘Las Combes’ 2009

Chateau Maris 'Las Combes' 2009
Chateau Maris 'Las Combes' 2009: one of Benji's again... a great, 100% old vine grenache (yes, the grenache, but under a different guise). Gorgeous nose and fragrant.

Benjamin Darnault AOP Languedoc 2010

Benjamin Darnault AOP Languedoc 2010
Benjamin Darnault AOP Languedoc 2010: a wine from the Naked range. A delicious organic 'big' red from St Chinian. One of my favourite apellations.

There you have it.  If it sounds like I’m biased towards Benji’s reds, it’s correct!  But please be aware that I am very open-minded when it comes to tasting all the wines.  It just happens that I tend to enjoy his.  Fortunate that!