La jolie France

wc public
guess where

Thought you’d like a peek inside one of these things.

My husband thinks I should give guided tours of them as I know where ALL of them are.  They’re not quite as picture-perfect as you’d imagine from the outside but they do the job.  But at 30 centimes a pop they could be cleaner!  It was a huge shock to arrive in France and find out I had to pay for these visits.  If I had a penny for every…

I asked Benji what the ‘WC’ stood for and he replied ‘wateerrrr closette’.  Oh right. So the French have stolen from us for once.

The outside looks slightly similar to this – the image on the cover of my old French textbook from school, “Un Deux Trois 1”.

un deux trois
The cover of "Un Deux Trois 1", R. Girod, P.O. Holmberg, A.Klum, 1981. Little did I know at the age of twelve that I would actually NEED French!! - won't tell you what we scribbled on the inside either...

Didn’t know I was going to live the dream.