Spring has sprung

bouquet de bruno
Bruno’s freshly picked bunch from Caunes – check out the size of those irises!

It’s so warm here right now and after all the rain we had in the last couple of weeks –

a wet wet road
gloomy and grey – but we needed it

– the landscape has switched into overdrive with growth and colour.  The vineyards are looking very happy with their new leaves and once again, as far as the eye can see in the Minervois, the vision is GREEN!

vines with Pyrenees in background
vineyards on the route to  school with the Pyrenees in the background
vineyards across from our house
the vineyards across the road from the house

‘I love this time of year!’ I can hear Benjamin saying this at least 100 times a Spring – for the last 15 Springs.   Like I’ve said, it’s quite something to experience the onset of Spring in France.  So much excitement and promise after all that cold!  Such a contrast – something I never fully appreciated in Adelaide’s mild climate.

Yes, Spring has well and truly sprung and I want to share some of the sights around here with you.

blossom in cafe courtyard
fallen blossom in a courtyard cafe (actually this was in Angouleme)
a few geraniums in the window anyone?…
poppies - and vineyards - as far as the eye can see
poppies – and vineyards – as far as the eye can see
lilas in poppies and a poppy person!
Lilas (‘ lilac’ in English) in poppies – and a poppy person!  Until the school’s day trip, I never knew they existed! Never too old…
swans at home
a couple of swans arrived at home
beside the canal du midi carcassonne
coming into Carcassonne
Lady at Zaza
the weather is so lovely, it’s time for rose again
lilas watching the tractor today
watching the tractor turning over the soil today
lilas and her flowers
a hand-picked bunch for the dance teacher this afternoon
Spring collage!
oui, oui it’s flower mayhem here!  I’ve been going a bit bonkers with the bouquets

A romantic after all??

I know I married a Frenchie, but that doesn’t mean that everyday is full of flowers, French champagne, French perfume, lingerie…  I won’t go any further, but to say simply that you can’t change the man!

What you see is what you get with this one (and I’m fine with that), and though dinners aren’t candlelit with violins serenading us, sometimes I do get little surprises.  Like this one yesterday…

wild leek flowers - allium ampeloprasum
I've received some flowers!

A bunch of hand-picked wildflowers!

freshly picked!
...roots and all

…roots and all!!

These beautiful wild leek flowers – ‘allium ampeloprasum‘ are all over the vineyards at the moment and Benji gave me quite a lovely surprise by bringing me this bunch home.

He is a romantic after all.

They just need a bit of a trim.  But we can even eat the bulbs… a man that thinks of everything.

I can’t get enough of the wildflowers at the moment.  Everyday brings a new variety or colour and it’s wonderful going out for a walk in the garrigues and a cheeky pick!

wild flowers from the Minervois
Wild flowers freshly picked