A romantic after all??

I know I married a Frenchie, but that doesn’t mean that everyday is full of flowers, French champagne, French perfume, lingerie…  I won’t go any further, but to say simply that you can’t change the man!

What you see is what you get with this one (and I’m fine with that), and though dinners aren’t candlelit with violins serenading us, sometimes I do get little surprises.  Like this one yesterday…

wild leek flowers - allium ampeloprasum
I've received some flowers!

A bunch of hand-picked wildflowers!

freshly picked!
...roots and all

…roots and all!!

These beautiful wild leek flowers – ‘allium ampeloprasum‘ are all over the vineyards at the moment and Benji gave me quite a lovely surprise by bringing me this bunch home.

He is a romantic after all.

They just need a bit of a trim.  But we can even eat the bulbs… a man that thinks of everything.

I can’t get enough of the wildflowers at the moment.  Everyday brings a new variety or colour and it’s wonderful going out for a walk in the garrigues and a cheeky pick!

wild flowers from the Minervois
Wild flowers freshly picked

6 thoughts on “A romantic after all??

  • We picked up a lot of wild leeks yesterday and the flowers are so beautiful (and you can keep them a long time). Until now we ate just the heads but now I want to try to make a soup with the bodies. Did you tried ?

    • Bonjour Herve (I’m sorry I won’t bore you anymore with my French!),

      Yes, the flowers are great to keep. I left them without water and they’re still looking good. I’m like you, we’ve eaten the flowers but I’ve only chopped up the bulb to use as a garlic substitute (between onion and garlic in flavour). I hear that it is good roasted or boiled and so could be a great soup. Let me know if you make one!

      • Oh I made a mistake. I said “head” because in French we say “une tête d’ail” so of course I was thinking to the bulb (but my wife understood like you, but it’s a coalition she isn’t French). I didn’t try to eat the flowers, the last time I did that it was with acacia flowers in “beignet”.

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