some sights #4 – from yesterday (don’t forget the Jubilee!)

gate in Felines
an early morning view
Le Moulin a Felines
Le Moulin outside Felines
vide grenier in the rain
a Minervois vide grenier (village garage sale) in the rain…
vide grenier in the rain 2
Spot the Pierrot (remember them?!?)
inside a shed at the vg
hidden treasures sheltered from the rain in Philippe’s shed
books at the v-g
love the ‘Killdozer’ – and J.T doing the headband
a morning chat
a morning chat with the neighbour…
umbrella lady and her house
…who lives across the road
text books
you can tell we’re in a wine region
HRH and Phillip
love Lizzie (as seen on TV)
Alice's Jubilee Cake
Bravo Alice!
Gruissan blanc
the white was flowing for the ladies
Coronation bowl
Pam’s Coronation bowl…
Pam's treasure cupboard
…and her amazing treasure cupboard (thanks P!)

4 thoughts on “some sights #4 – from yesterday (don’t forget the Jubilee!)

  • Lovely pics Kat – they give a real feel for where you are. Regarding the Queen Liz celebrations – did you hear/see the Fisher Singers sing ‘Bound for South Australia?” I couldn’t believe it. It was on the abc in the 1hr of highlights of the thames flotilla – and a bbc production I think – so not edited for ozzie audiences.

    • Thanks a lot Tracy.
      And no, I didn’t see ‘Bound for South Aust.’ being sung – I haven’t heard or sung that in YEARS! I’ll have a look on the internet!… thanks for the tip.

  • Hey Kat wish I was there to rummage through all those attic treasures! Your blog is looking great. Really enjoying looking at it.We are in France for the first two weeks of July. When are you in the UK again? Would love you to stay if you need a bed. Bisous to you and Benj and Lilas xx

    • Hey Tracey!
      Great to hear from you and thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying this ‘update’ from here!
      Are you coming our way in July? – always love you visiting. I’ll get in touch re the UK.
      Lots of love to you and C xo

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