going home

I’m starting to get the jitters about the plane flight – but HEY, I’m heading home!

I can’t get there fast enough, with everything that’s been going on…  Just can’t wait to hit the ground, feel and smell the dry air and see all those beautiful eucalyptus trees and give my family and friends a hug (sorry for that cringe, but I mean it).

my favourite tree - a Eucalyptus (gum)
my favourite tree – a Eucalyptus (gum)

It’s a long long way to get there – a huge, bon voyage – and I’ve been revving myself up with some tunes that remind me so much of home (and hey, don’t get stuck into me that they’re not new – my finger’s not on the pulse anymore out here).

These songs are giving me a great buzz right now… but I’ve gotta say that sometimes some Aussie songs reduce me to a sobbing mess! (as well as all the others: Natalie Merchant, Antony and the Johnsons, Adele et al…).  I can be driving in my car, playing the music real loud and suddenly I find myself choking with huge, involuntary sobs – a blithering wreck trying to see the road with tear-filled cloudy eyes.  And I love it.  I think of home, think of my family and have a great, big, cry.  It feels SO good.  I’m almost joyous.  I’m sort of between happy, ecstatic, thankful and sad, all at once.  And would you believe it, I’ve cried to Kylie Minogue and Tina Arena.  Eeeewww.  Better stop there.

Do songs remind you of home?

4 thoughts on “going home

  • Enjoy!!!
    I´m heading back to the Minervois myself, can´t wait 🙂
    But ok it doesn´t compare, my flight is one hour and a half only.
    And songs that have the same effect on me – most stuff in French 🙂 , and definitely Toulouse by Nougaro. But I guess the song is made for that!
    and somehow “Sarà perché ti amo?”, (probably because of ´l´effrontee´, a film with Charlotte Gainsbourg that made a big impression on me, growing up in France in the 80s,
    http://youtu.be/f6yihzkYAxs )

    • Have a wonderful time over Xmas Marilyne.
      We must be literally crossing each other!
      We’re in Paris tonight and in a hotel near the airport – just the beginning of the big voyage!

      I like Nougaro – great voice; Will havr to look up that other song… I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, so should have a look at this film!

      Bonnes Fetes and Bonne Annee

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