crazy weather here and there

Talk about extremes.  44  degrees Celsius and then minus 4 in just over a week.  15 000km apart.

There’s ground to cover from my trip to Oz, but I just had to share these pics first!

We were ragged and hot (and sick) and then arrived home to this…



carricks 2
Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia – 44 degrees Celsius

carricks 3

carricks 1

the heat can feel pretty bloody ominous
the heat can feel pretty bloody ominous
carricks heat 5
no-one about, 2 o’clock in the afternoon and 43.5 degrees

La France…

snow 1


snow calamiac


and then out in our pj's the next morning...
out for a walk in our pj’s the next morning… (mini-me in pursuit)

snow walk

snow walk 2

out back snow

But stay tuned!  Pics from Oz to follow…

jug house

4 thoughts on “crazy weather here and there

  • Really enjoy your blog and the wonderful photos, we are freezing here in Ireland, looking forward to more photos. Delighted you had a great holiday down under with your family.

    • Hi Katherina,
      I’m really happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the photos – thanks for having a look!
      I can only imagine how beautiful Ireland is too at the moment. I have had this dream for about 20 years now, of going to Ireland and I still haven’t been!?! One day, for sure.
      All the best! Kat

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