Lost in the Charente

Have been lost in the Charente, getting down with quality ‘in-law‘ time.

Will report back soon.

Hallelujah. A train station in France that offers an alternative to all those lumping stairs
Hallelujah. A train station in France that offers an alternative to all those lumping stairs
a quick ‘clope’ (fag)

gare de Saintes

2CV charente


angeac sign

crazy weather here and there

Talk about extremes.  44  degrees Celsius and then minus 4 in just over a week.  15 000km apart.

There’s ground to cover from my trip to Oz, but I just had to share these pics first!

We were ragged and hot (and sick) and then arrived home to this…



carricks 2
Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia – 44 degrees Celsius

carricks 3

carricks 1

the heat can feel pretty bloody ominous
the heat can feel pretty bloody ominous
carricks heat 5
no-one about, 2 o’clock in the afternoon and 43.5 degrees

La France…

snow 1


snow calamiac


and then out in our pj's the next morning...
out for a walk in our pj’s the next morning… (mini-me in pursuit)

snow walk

snow walk 2

out back snow

But stay tuned!  Pics from Oz to follow…

jug house

still cruisin’ in Adelaide

cruising in Adelaide
cruising in Adelaide

A big Hip hip to this New Year, 2013!  May it be a good one for all and a happy and healthy one.

Just thought I’d say I haven’t forgotten about the blog, just busy cruising the streets in S.A. (South Australia) and lapping up as much quality time as possible, before the annually dreaded departure.  Gotta make the most of it!

But somehow there’s those petite ‘mon Dieu’ surprises that always bring France back to mind…

les geants...
les geants… as seen at the Adelaide Central Market

Back soon…

still rockin’

check out those heels!

So what happened there?

France-Australia-France.  A few days stretched into a few months… and whammo I completely lost touch with blogging.  It wasn’t at all planned – and I didn’t realise how much I’d miss all of this.

Now I’m staying put right here and am so extremely keen to give you a glimpse of everything that keeps me ‘offline’!

It’s been a lot of fun, catching up with everyone back ‘home’ (my one of two) – long-overdue quality time with family and friends, Christmas, tasting Aussie wines, sampling Adelaide beaches, eating out Asian, English spoken all around me, dodging the sun, dodging the mozzies, listening to the magpies and cockies. And then the angst, the dreadful countdown and finally the tears at the airport.  But I am so lucky to have made it there.

…And I am very lucky to be happy here too.  Back into Winter, some snow!, back to the stove, back in my apron, hot foods to enjoy, snails to devour, red wine instead of all thse whites, vines being pruned,  back to the cleaning, back into walking the village with Mat, back to school, back to French!…  Now the flowers are out, Spring has sprung, the vines are budding, we’re nearing the end of the scary time for frost risk, Hollande is IN and Benji’s Picpoul is tasting mighty good in the sun!

Yep, the VW’s wife is back and I hope you are well!

The spring has come running back into my step – and I feel like the dancin’ lady clicking her pointy heels.  Phew.

december to may!

Bonne Annee for 2012!

xmas tree adelaide

Yes it’s been a while.

It’s now even 2012!

So a Happy New Year to you, full of good health, love and happiness

Since all the excitement of the last post…  (way back then in November!?!!) with my bro asking ‘what’s with the Aboriginal flag?’ and a mate describing Benjamin as looking like Braveheart, a few km’s have been covered.   I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve been busy snapping and am now itching to finally share the last month and a bit.  Wanna guess my whereabouts?!?

It all started out like this…

la tour eiffel
my first ever sighting of this beautiful monument from the sky... the Eiffel Tower
old aussie young aussie
these guys look like they're heading for home
land ahoy
blues skies, looks like we're getting there

Now for some real clues.

wide streets in the burbs
streets in the suburbs
the fruits in season
hills hoist
a backyard 'hills hoist'
king gees?
could that be King Gee's and Blundstones?


You must have it by now.

If not, take a look in the backyard…

out in the backyard
out the back
good coffee, good bubbles (what WAS I thinking having a Frenchie bottle up here! - thanks Kate and Hamish for a bloody good one), good breakfast, good beer, good Asian (thanks Kate R) and good gelati!

Yep, I’m HOME and so happy to be here!

I thought I should add that Davo is a big give-away… (how many years has Dad insisted on keeping his little mate in the yard?)

Oz here we come!

Happy 1st January and may 2012 be a great big good year.