first blossom

the first blossom seen in our village this year
the first blossom seen in our village this year

It’s girly wirly fleur time on the blog.  We were out on our morning walk and in the distance I spied the first blossom for the year…

our morning walk - blossom in the distance
our morning walk – blossom in the distance

Quelle belle surprise.  It’s cold and about to snow again, friends left right and centre are ‘aol’ with colds and flu, but the sight of that beautiful pink…  I go crazy in my head with excitement when I see the first trees in flower – and this was my first for 2013.

lilas and blossom
…Took Lilas out later for a look.
Carefully pruned vines in background.

blossom 6

lilas blossom 3

I know it’s only early Feb, but it gets me thinking of all the flowers to come – and Ding! goes my head with visions of colour and splendour from last year’s pickings.

So hell yeah, let’s have a cheesy insert to follow.

A ‘Collage de Fleurs’!…

a cheesy flower collage (from last year's pickings)
…a cheesy flower collage (from last year’s pickings)

8 thoughts on “first blossom

  • You’re very fortunate . In Scotland , a long wait till the blossom appears . I connected with your blog after we drank your “Naked” Saint Chinian . We have bought a little house in St.Chinian and are coming out to start our new (half) life there in March . Loved your wine , so may drive down for a degustation once we’ve found our feet , if you do that sort of thing ( I am a total wine illiterate). Thanks for the blog. Bill.

    • Hi there Bill, and thanks a lot! I’m glad you got in touch with us – and through my favourite in Benji’s range too!
      ‘Welcome’ to France and yes, be sure to get in touch with us. It would be great to meet you here.
      a bientot!

  • how exciting! Spring is on it’s way! I guess that means the cooler weather is not far off for us here in Oz.
    Glad to see/hear from your blog that you had yet another wonderful trip to the homeland….and what a hot one it was.

    Evonne xxx

    • Hello lovely Evonne! It was great and exhausting and yes, bloody hot. We didn’t budge from SA but plan to visit Vic next time, I hope. I will definitely let you know!…
      Don’t worry, I’m sure there are a lot more warm days left for you yet. The days are longer here, but still bloody cold! Maximum of 7 degrees today.
      Take care and love to the littlies xoxoxo

  • You’re not wrong Kat yesterday was 40.5C in Adelaide. Just love the blossom and look fwd to more when spring has really SPRUNG. Go well XXX PALeC

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