first blossom

the first blossom seen in our village this year
the first blossom seen in our village this year

It’s girly wirly fleur time on the blog.  We were out on our morning walk and in the distance I spied the first blossom for the year…

our morning walk - blossom in the distance
our morning walk – blossom in the distance

Quelle belle surprise.  It’s cold and about to snow again, friends left right and centre are ‘aol’ with colds and flu, but the sight of that beautiful pink…  I go crazy in my head with excitement when I see the first trees in flower – and this was my first for 2013.

lilas and blossom
…Took Lilas out later for a look.
Carefully pruned vines in background.

blossom 6

lilas blossom 3

I know it’s only early Feb, but it gets me thinking of all the flowers to come – and Ding! goes my head with visions of colour and splendour from last year’s pickings.

So hell yeah, let’s have a cheesy insert to follow.

A ‘Collage de Fleurs’!…

a cheesy flower collage (from last year's pickings)
…a cheesy flower collage (from last year’s pickings)

blossom dearies, everywhere!

Brrr it’s still chilly, but the countryside is beautiful with all this blossom!   The Minervois is dotted with these beautiful trees and in the sun-filled afternoons, their relief amongst the landscape provides for the most magnificent views.

Putting your nose right into the flower, the smell is of intense honey.  Benjamin thinks they smell of beeswax.  He’s right.  If I close my eyes and sniff, I’m propelled straight into an old shop full of antiques!

It’s all too tempting…  I just had to pick some for home!